Sterling Shepard backs Joe Judge discipline efforts after practice brawl

After a massive brawl broke out at New York Giants practice on Tuesday, head coach Joe Judge had his players run and do push ups as punishment for the incident.

While some players probably didn’t enjoy their daily practice turning into a marathon of gassers, Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard says he had no issue with the way Judge handled the incident. And for any players that did have an issue with it, he had a simple suggestion.

“That’s kind of the standard that we’ve set here in this building and as a team, and I think guys have bought in and know what to expect whenever you step on the field and when you’re playing under a guy like coach Judge,” Shepard said, via quotes from the team. “If you don’t like it, then you’re welcome to leave. But that’s the way that we do things around here and everybody is standing by that, and I’m all for it. I mean, it’s a little different for us because we’re receivers, we’ve got to be able to run all day, but I don’t mind it.”

The fight began after cornerback Logan Ryan hit tight end Evan Engram after a play had ended. Ryan said his relationship with Engram is great on Wednesday and it’s just one of those things that can happen in training camp.

Shepard agreed with that sentiment.

“This is training camp, man, emotions are going to run high, guys are fighting for jobs, we’re going to be competing, so with that level of competition, things are going to get heated,” Shepard said. “It boiled over a little yesterday, but you learn from it and you keep on pushing and keep on moving on, and that’s what we’re focused on doing today.”